Bartels Awards recognize staff past and present

Nancy Doolittle
Photo: 2013 Bartels Awardees

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The seventh annual Bartels Awards for Custodial Service Excellence, held Dec. 16 in Bartels Hall, recognized this year’s recipients of the Bartels scholarships and gave six housekeeping and custodial staff members Bartels Awards.

Opening the event, Maria Cimilluca, senior director of facilities management, paid tribute to one of the first Bartels awardees, Terry Hamilton, who died in August. Hamilton worked at Cornell for 31 years, was kindhearted and calm, and received Building Care’s biannual Excellent Attendance Award 40 times, Cimilluca said.

Former director of Building Care Rob Osborn told more than 400 Building Care staff in attendance, “Retirement has been very good, but there is not a day when you are not in my thoughts.” Osborn recalled that in June 2006, he received a letter from Phil Bartels ’71 that told how Building Care staff member Craig Beaver helped Bartels’ daughter, Katie ’06, and her friends while they were studying for finals. That fall, Bartels and Osborn developed the Bartels Award, which is now given to six custodial staff members each year. The Bartels endowed the award in 2009. This year’s award winners received a certificate of recognition and congratulations from Facilities Management leaders, and Phil, Susan and Katie Bartels. A monetary award accompanies the recognition.

Recipients of the 2013 Bartels Award for Service Excellence are:

• Dana Bevins has worked at Cornell for more than 26 years, 22 of them including at the SouthEast Asia Program on Stewart Ave. He is known for his dedication, cheerfulness, efficiency and loyalty, and for always being willing to help.

• Kay Danby, known for her humility, work ethic, customer service and attention to detail, is responsive to her building’s occupants and performs her duties “with exemplary skill.”

• Roxanne Hills, a “tremendous” second-shift leader for Gannett Health Services, has responded to numerous emergencies, some involving specialized cleanups. She balances production with compassion; her area is known to be spotless.

• Michele Hostrander, known for her exceptional work quality, superior customer service, poise, quiet professionalism and character, currently works at the College of Veterinary Medicine in a lab environment.

• Khann Lach came to Ithaca from Cambodia in 1985. Lach has worked at Cornell nearly 24 years, showing “unfailing dedication and commitment to the students and their well-being.” She is known for her friendliness, rapport with students and ability to make co-workers laugh.

• Sue Welch, who began working at Cornell in 1988, has a positive attitude, excellent attention to detail and a caring and compassionate nature. She has helped students obtain medical assistance and “goes above and beyond to ensure that the students are adjusting to campus life.”

Two staff members – Tyler Howland and Scotti Slocum – and six children with a parent who is a Building Care staff member received Bartels Scholarships, established and endowed by the Bartels to help Building Care staff members with the cost of college. The six children were: Shenandoah Fellows (parent Ted Fellows), Samantha Berry (Brandon Berry), Kaylean Conklin (Brenda Conklin), Joshua Miller (Lisa Miller), Steffanie Marshall (Gordie Marshall) and Marguerite Delong (Anne Delong).

With a red Building Care jacket in hand, Phil Bartels said the coat reminds him of when he was a first-year student and the custodian of his residence hall provided him guidance; when Beaver showed kindness to Katie Bartels; and when the Bartels arrived at Cornell close to midnight for Phil Bartels’ 40th Reunion and were welcomed by five staff members.