Have you had your “5” today?

Trillium pledges

Throughout March, Cornell Dining is motivating students and staff to eat more fruits and vegetables with the “Have you had your five today?” program, encouraging the campus community to eat five cups of fruits and vegetables each day, and offering new and appealing dishes highlighting colorful produce.

The centerpiece of the effort will be “Five Days of 5,” a follow-up to Cornell Dining’s first successful Five Days initiative last year. For the week of March 9-13, Cornell Dining’s chefs, managers and staff members participate by eating five cups of fruits and vegetables each day for five days. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to pledge their participation as well.

Members of the Cornell community are encouraged to share their efforts, their questions and their food photos online. To help encourage photo sharing, Cornell Dining will host one of its regular social media photo contests the week of “Five Days of 5,” and community members who post their photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram following the contest rules will have a chance to win an iPad. Find out more, and follow along, by finding Cornell Dining on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or joining the Facebook Group, #Haveyouhadyourfive?