Nelson Roth receives grand prize; Cynthia Sedlacek, people's choice

Nancy Doolittle
Cynthia Sedlacek - Animals - Symphony Of Feathers - People's Choice




Two photographs entered in the 2016 Pawprint Photo Contest have risen to the top: the judges' choice, Nelson Roth’s “Weekend in Havana” won Grand Prize among the 10 first-place winners; Cynthia Sedlacek’s “Symphony of Feathers” (above) received the most votes campus-wide for People’s Choice.

Out of 212 votes across campus, Sedlacek’s “Symphony of Feathers” received 96 votes. “Star’s above Sage” received 24 votes and “Weekend in Havana” received 21.

First-place winners for each category, according to the judges, were: Nelson Roth, Adults (“Weekend in Havana”); Cynthia Sedlacek, Animals (“Symphony of Feathers”); Holly Faulkner, Cornell (“Stars above Sage”); Lu Huang, Humor (“Lining Up”); Barbara Friedman, Landscape (“LaCorbiere”); Megan Joyce, Nature (“The Road Less Traveled”); Sue Brightly, New Entrants (“Grace”); Sachin Gupta, Special Effects (“No one else wants to meet with me”); Lucrezia Herman, Structures/Buildings (“Skylight”); and David Russell, Unspecified (“Fireboat”).

Each first-prize entry then became eligible as a people’s choice entry. All first-place winners will be notified of their winning by email, and will be able to pick their prizes up from the Pawprint staff, starting Dec. 1 (after the Thanksgiving break) at 312 College Avenue.

Placing second in each category were: Lu Huang, Adults; David Russell, Animals; Darko Alikalfia, Cornell; Cynthia Sedlacek, Humor and Nature; Megan Joyce, Landscape; Mary MacAusland, New Entrants; Kenneth Stuart, Special Effects; Deborah Littlejohn, Structures/Buildings; Tim Gallagher, Unspecified. Runners-up will be mailed a Cornell calendar, compliments of University Photography.

Receiving honorable mention were: Barbara Morley, Adults; Deborah Littlejohn, Animals and Special Effects; Barbara Friedman, Cornell and Nature; Cynthia Lamb, Humor; Darko Alifialfic, Landscape and Unspecified; Ilana Carlin, New Entrants; and Peter Cody Fiduccia, Structures.

In Appreciation

Thanks to all who contributed to the contest, including the winners, runners-up and those who deserve honorable mention. A total of 175 photographs by 62 photographers was submitted. The three most competitive categories were animals, landscape and nature.

A special thanks to those who sponsored the contest and contributed prizes:

▪ Athletics and Physical Education, for season gift certificates to men’s and women’s basketball, women’s hockey and men’s lacrosse

▪  Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, for a variety of gifts, including birdwatching answer book, travel mug and complimentary Lab of Ornithology membership

▪  Cornell Concert Series complimentary tickets

▪ University Communications, for a framed reproduction of the winning photograph

▪ Gannett Health Services, for a first-aid kit

▪ Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, for a complimentary family membership; gift book of art, “JapanAmerica: Points of Contact, 1876-1970”; and other items

▪ Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, for four performance tickets

▪ Student and Campus Life, for six Cornell Dining lunch passes

▪ Taverna Banfi, for Sunday Brunch for two

▪ Transportation Services, for a Campus-to-Campus round-trip gift certificate

▪ Cornell Orchards, for a mug, honey and chocolate

▪ University Photography, for a complimentary studio portrait and 2016 Cornell Calendars.

Thanks also to this year’s judges and to the many staff and faculty who participated in the People’s Choice selection.