New year benefits checklist

Sue Brightly

January is a great time to review and update your benefits for the year ahead. Here are some tips from your friends in Human Resources to make sure your benefits on track for 2017. (Note that this is an incomplete list, and not all items apply to all Cornell employees). If you have any questions, contact your HR representative or

  • Review your 2017 benefits elections. For example, confirm that dependents and contributions to your retirement savings are correct. Log into Workday; click the Benefits icon, then scroll to bottom left of page under “View” and select “Benefit Elections.”
  • Update personal data: While you’re in Workday, confirm that your personal contact information such as mailing address is up to date. And check out the professional profile feature, which makes it easy to share career information such as experience, skills and certifications with other colleagues at Cornell.
  • Check your first pay stub to make sure withholding amounts are correct. In Workday, select the “Pay” icon; then make a selection in the “Payslips” area at bottom right of screen.
  • Did you change healthcare vendors during Open Enrollment? Confirm that your doctor is in the new network and show your new ID card to providers so your claims are processed correctly.
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA): Make sure you know the deadlines and details regarding claims submission deadlines, rollovers and extensions for 2016 Medical and Dependent Care FSAs.
  • Tax season is here: Did you know you can receive your W2 electronically? Here’s how to download a PDF of your W2.
  • Wellness: Schedule any preventive screenings or annual checkups. And take advantage of the wealth of fitness, nutrition, parenting, de-stress and other programs offered at Cornell!
  • Performance Dialogues: Make the most of your performance dialog with these useful tools and resources.

Sue Brightly is a communications marketing specialist in the Division of Human Resources.