Join a study on preventing age-related weight gain

weight scale

David A. Levitsky, Weiss Presidential Fellow and professor of nutrition and psychology, is conducting a study to test an easy, quick and effortless method that might prevent age-related weight gain. He is looking for volunteers for this study, particularly younger employees (ages 20 to 40) from all nationalities.

Humans do not stop growing in late adolescence, but rather continue to gain weight (on the average) until their fifties. The rate that weight is gained during this period will determine a person’s chances of becoming obese or succumbing to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and several different cancers. Levitsky has developed a method he believes slows age-related weight gain based on self-weighing once a day, at home.

Volunteers can earn up to $70 just for height and weight measurements. For more information or if you are interested in volunteering for this study, send an email to or contact Professor Levitsky ( of the Division of Nutritional Sciences.