E-scrap Week is coming

Members of the Cornell community can recycle their home and office electronics at no charge Monday, April 10-Friday, April 14, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Cornell Recycle Center, 251 Solidago Road (turn onto Palm Road from Rt. 366 and follow signs for CU Recycle Center).

Electronic items to recycle at this event include: Almost anything with a cord, such as computers, TV's, microwaves, telephones, cables, extension cords, power strips, printers, monitors, answering machines, fax machines, typewriters, pagers, cameras, VCR/DVD players. Also CD's, remote controls, stereo/tape/record/8 track tape players.

All recycled items collected will be destroyed and recycled. All hard drives are shredded.

No light bulbs, refrigerators or batteries will be accepted.

For more information: email R5 Operations recycle@cornell.edu or call 607-254-1666.