Gary Cremeens on the move with sustainability efforts

Gary Cremeens

Gary Cremeens, project associate in Transportation Services focusing on social media and sustainability in transportation demand management (TDM), has recently been named a finalist for a national excellence in advocacy award from the Association for Commuter Transportation. Over the winter, he was selected by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education to co-present a national webinar for “Moving the Needle on Commute Mode through TDM,” June 28, 3-4:30 p.m. EDT.

That webinar will be free and open to the public. Cremeens will join TDM professionals Sara Hendricks, senior research associate, University of South Florida, and Brian Shaw, Director of Parking and Transportation Services, Stanford University, in discussing how university administrative staff and faculty can partner through research to better understand what motivates people to change their travel behavior; how sustainable transportation modes can be improved to better meet the commuting needs of students and employees; how social media communications can improve usage of these modes, and how commitment to sustainable transportation modes can be increased by engaging with local government and developing an award-winning campus master plan.

Cremeens has become known for his marketing, community collaboration and outreach efforts to create communication efficiencies, improve public relations and more broadly spread the message about TDM. In a little under a year, he has increased new users on Cornell’s rideshare platform by 55 percent. He also shares information on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where he has a combined following of just over 7,000. For more information on why he advocates using numerous social media platforms to broaden engagement and some of Cremeen’s upcoming projects, see his LinkedIn article.