From the desk of…VP Kyu-Jung Whang
05/02/2011 - In the January 20th issue of Pawprint, I provided an overview of the initiatives underway in the Facilities Services division as part of the Administrative Streamlining Program (ASP). The seven key areas of focus included a team dedicated to zone management. Headed by John Kiefer, Lori Barry and Karen Muckstadt, the initiative will implement a system that aligns staff with specific...
WWW: Cornell University Police
05/02/2011 - Cornell University Police website:
eCycling: Cell Phones
04/26/2011 - Unlike most Americans, I recently purchased a cell phone for the first time in 10 years. It’s slick, with a keyboard for easy texting, but it’s also been outdone by the 4G already, and although I don’t intend to replace it any time soon, I know there will come a time when it’ll have to go, either because my plan provides me with a free upgrade or because I’m looking forward to new...
Disaster in Japan, Relief Scams
04/06/2011 - Fraudsters prey on tragedy—and Japan’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami are unfortunately no exception. Mike Lennon, of Security Week, warns “after Hurricane Katrina, the FBI felt it necessary to issue a warning when over 4,500 web sites appeared, all attempting to collect donations to help hurricane victims. The tragic earthquake that struck Haiti in January [also]...