Wellness, parenting workshops 10.21.16

Wellness/wellbeing workshops

Cornell Wellness pilots fall mixers as part of social wellness campaign
CU Social Wellness is a new campaign brought to you by Cornell Wellness and an ad hoc group from its advisory committee to promote ways for Cornell staff, faculty and retirees – including their spouses/partners – to connect socially with each other over shared common physical activity and social interests.

As part of this campaign, Cornell Wellness is piloting two fall mixers, Nov. 10, 5:30-6:30 p.m., at the East Hill Office Building, room 140, and Nov. 14, noon-1 p.m., Helen Newman Hall classroom (basement level). come to one or both: the hour will be spent with attendees moving freely from one table to another. Each table will have a topic on it (ex. racquet sports or seasonal fruit picking, etc.). If you are interested in finding other people who share the same interests as you, head to that table and start talking with them. These fall mixers give people the opportunity to put faces, names and activities together while in a safe environment. After the mixers, participants are encouraged to invite each other to group events and/or workouts requiring partners (ex. playing tennis or bicycle touring or local group hikes, etc.) over the newly created CU-SocialWellness-L e-list, through Wellness' Facebook or Twitter, or through direct email.

All attendees must register by filling out a fall mixer pre-survey. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

Make and Take: Two Healthy Dinners: Join 20 new friends Oct. 28, noon-1 p.m., in 360 Martha Van Rensselaer, to prepare and share two healthy dinners. You will prepare the foods, and Cornell Wellness will provide the recipes, ingredients, guidance and containers. Eat one meal together; take the rest home for later! 20 participants maximum. Registration required. Cost is $20. Payment information will be provided to registrants. Questions? Contact Beth at bm20@cornell.edu.

Knit2Gether: Welcoming New and Seasoned Knitters: Enjoy the calming effects of knitting during these lunchtime gatherings on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, noon-1 p.m. Everyone is welcome; bring your knitting. The Oct. 27 and Nov. 10 sessions will be in 401 Physical Sciences Building. Questions? Contact Beth at bm20@cornell.edu.


Financial wellbeing

Within Reach: TIAA discusses final preparations to help shift from an active career to retirement, Oct. 25, noon-1 p.m., at G10 Biotechnology Building. From income options to taxes to health insurance, you need to be prepared. Registration required.                                                            

Social Security Basics: At this TIAA webcast, Oct. 25 at noon, you can learn the basics about Social Security, including eligibility, how to apply, benefits calculation, strategies and disability benefits. Register at www.tiaa.org/ve to view the webcast.


“Preparing for Baby” series

All Cornellians and their partners/support persons are welcome to attend the following workshops, free of charge. All are held on Fridays, 4-5:30 p.m., 140 East Hill Office Building. Register here for workshops in this series. Contact worklife@cornell.edu with questions or see the parenting workshops web pages.

Breastfeeding Basics
: Offered Oct. 28. Participants will learn the fundamentals of successful breastfeeding, including holding techniques, latching on, maximizing comfort and the basics of pumping.

Pumping with Success and Returning to Work as a Breastfeeding Mother
: Offered Nov. 4. Participants will learn about the various pumps available, how to select a pump, when to begin pumping, and the fundamentals of pumping techniques, as well as building up a freezer supply for the return to work, when to introduce the bottle, and tools for juggling breastfeeding and work. The Cornell policy on lactation accommodations and resources available will be reviewed.


Parenting Teens and Adolescents”

Parents living in an ever-changing world and in increasingly tech-savvy households are faced with new challenges. This workshop series will help you address issues and concerns you may have in parenting your adolescent. All Cornellians are welcome to attend, free of charge. Questions?

Your College-Bound Child: It's All About the Money: Oct. 25, noon-1 p.m., 102 Mann Library. Join Samantha Miller, a Cornell financial aid counselor, to cover the basics of what you will need to know to apply for financial aid whether it is at Cornell, community college or another college. MIller works with prospective and current students and their families to navigate the financial aid application process, review and process financial aid applications and awards, and is one of the primary contacts in financial aid for current and prospective students with DACA status (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival).
Preparing to Send Your Child to College: "Empty Nest" Syndrome & More: Nov. 1, noon-1 p.m., G08 Uris Hall. When your child reaches college age, you may think you have entered the "empty nest" period. Thoughts of freedom and redecorating their room may run through your mind. But is this really what happens? You want to help your child navigate their growing independence, while they still need a lot of guidance at home and at college. And at the same time, you are facing your own confusing feelings about empty nest, when to push/pull back, etc. This workshop will define the empty nest syndrome and its impacts, discuss reasonable and problematic worry and the mutual expectations and emotional and practical challenges faced by parent and child, look at the benefits of an empty nest and the impacts of boomerang kids. Presented by James Morris, MSW, clinician with the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program.

Gender and Sexuality Dynamics in Parenting Adolescents: A Conversation: Through the sharing of personal experiences by Cornell staff members, this workshop, Nov. 15, noon-1 p.m., in 340 Duffield Hall, will address parenting and adolescent/teenage experiences surrounding gender identity and sexuality. The facilitators, along with other Cornell staff members who have teens or older children who navigated similar situations, will share their experiences supporting and learning from their children surrounding identity, sexuality, and the diversity of experience related to gender identity/expression. Register here.
Presented by: Brian Patchcoski, associate dean and director of the LGBT Resource Center at Cornell University and Laura Weiss, LMSW, director of the Cornell Women's Resource Center.