A message from Bill Esty

Bill Esty

Hello, I am Bill Esty. I have been the operations manager for Bailey Hall since it reopened after renovations in 2006. I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of the building, which include, amongst other things, making sure the heat and air conditioning are working, the lights are all functioning and the floors are cleaned and polished.

I am also in charge of all of the events in Bailey Hall. In the real world, I would be a production manager for the performances. I make sure the performances and events all conform to current safety codes and safe practices; that they begin on time and do not run too long. If you’ve been to an event in Bailey, you will have heard me make the “ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bailey Hall” announcement. That’s me, not a recording.

I currently sit on the Communications Committee of the Employee Assembly and the Public Safety Advisory Committee of the University Assembly. I enjoy working with other people from around campus. I like being exposed to the differing points of view, and having insight into areas of campus I would not otherwise see. With all the changes that have happened in the past few years, it is reassuring to know that others are having similar experiences and that the challenges facing me and my unit are not unique. It is helpful to see how others deal with the same issues as I face, and to then share that information with others in my unit. It is nice to know that there is a wide variety of support if needed.

I hope that if you see me around campus or at Bailey Hall, you stop and say, “Hello.”

Upcoming information sessions for candidates for Employee Assembly elections

The last of the information sessions for staff members interested in running for the Employee Assembly (EA) will be held Jan. 29. Check the EA election site: http://assembly.cornell.edu/Elections/2013SpringEA#toc4 for time and place. Potential candidates need go to one session only.

Reminder: Candidates need to complete election materials, found at the same site, by Feb. 4. Elections will be held Feb. 11-22, with results announced by March 1.

Anyone interested in running for the EA is encouraged to contact an Employee Assembly member, listed at http://assembly.cornell.edu/EA/Members#toc1, EA Chair Tanya Grove at tl40@cornell.edu or 607-254-2719, or Vice Chair of Communications Eric Lee at ewl46@cornell.edu.