A message from Leslie Morris

Leslie Morris

What is the Employee Assembly (EA) and what does it do for me? I know many employees ask the same question I asked before I became involved with the EA.

I am the manager of marketing and communications for the Office of Executive Education at the School of Hotel Administration. I previously worked as the manager of marketing and communications for the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts and the Department of Theatre, Film and Dance. During Reimagining Cornell, our department suffered drastic staff and budget cuts, and it was then that I began being interested in campus governance and championing employee interests. Because the performing arts center was located on the edge of campus, I felt being involved in EA would also introduce me to staff from across campus and to central administrators.

Now I can answer that question. The EA is a dedicated group of staff members who volunteer to serve as representatives for employees across campus and advocate for employees on such matters as policies, concerns and benefits.

I have been fortunate to serve on an EA that proactively works to institute change, pass resolutions and take action. I am extremely proud of our efforts in initiating, implementing and following up on the Employee Engagement Survey and the many policy and benefits changes that will result in bettering employee work environments. I serve as co-chair on the Personal Development Committee for the Response to the Engagement Survey Team and am excited to see the development of proposed improved policies with regard to wellness and personal development for staff.

I also served as the communications chairperson for the EA for two years, and it is gratifying to work with so many talented and dedicated employees who commit their time to help spread the word about the EA to its constituents. As my second term on the EA comes to a close, I hope others will consider running for the EA or volunteering for one of its many committees. Remember – “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.”