A message from Melissa Kitchen

Melissa Kitchen

I’ve been at Cornell for almost ten years now, first as a student and then as an employee of the Department of Horticulture. Over the course of time, I have become more and more grateful for all that Cornell has given me – an education, a career and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I joined the Employee Assembly because I wanted to know how the university operated, beyond my “bubble” within the Department of Horticulture. I also wanted to help other employees to have the opportunity for fulfillment that has been so important to me.

My most rewarding experiences as an EA member have been in my involvement with the Education Committee. We’re examining the Employee Degree Program, in regard to its strengths and weaknesses, supervisory and colleague support, employee awareness and other areas. It is my hope that more employees will take advantage of this opportunity. I believe that doing so will increase job satisfaction and allow Cornell to retain the human resources that help make the university such an amazing place.