Employee Assembly News 1/11/13

Getting involved in the EA: A message from Bob Blanco. Also: Becoming a candidate for an EA seat.

A Message from Bob Blanco

Greetings! I am Bob Blanco and I am the vice chair of finance for the Employee Assembly (EA) and a conference planner with Conference Services through Residential and Event Services, with just over a year of service at the university following my undergraduate career here as well. I joined the Employee Assembly to get better involved in the community by working to address and resolve issues that will benefit the staff as a whole.

As part of the Campus Infrastructure Committee, I meet with leaders from the Graduate and Professional Assembly, Student Assembly and Faculty Senate to work on concerns around environmental and technological changes as well as commuter and transportation issues. So far we have completed campus lighting surveys for central campus and the residential areas to identify places where additional lights are needed, and where lights have blown out and need to be replaced. We have also been looking at a Revolving Green Fund, which would allocate money for investment in environmentally friendly projects, with the money generated from increased efficiency and environmental savings going to new projects.

All EA meetings are open to all members of the Cornell community, so if you are interested, please come. We meet on the first and third Wednesday of every month in Physical Sciences Building 401 at 12:15 p.m. Or feel free to reach out to any of the EA members with any questions or concerns you may have as a staff member. Our schedule and contact information can be found at http://www.assembly.cornell.edu/ea/home.

Election materials available Jan. 16

Election materials for all staff members interested in running for the Employee Assembly (EA) will be posted online Jan. 16. Such staff members need to complete those materials by Feb. 4 and attend one of two information sessions, held Jan. 23 and 29. Elections will be held Feb. 11-22, with results announced by March 1.

The elections and informational meetings have been moved up by a month to better align them with the elections of the other assemblies and make it easier to appoint new EA members to committees of the University Assembly and other organizations.

Anyone interested in running for the EA is encouraged to contact an Employee Assembly member, listed at http://assembly.cornell.edu/EA/Members#toc1, EA Chair Tanya Grove at tl40@cornell.edu or 607-254-2719, or Vice Chair of Communications Eric Lee at ewl46@cornell.edu.