Message from Joe Ambrosetti

Joe Ambrosetti

Hi Everyone! My name is Joe Ambrosetti and I have been working at Cornell for the past two years as the director of the Cornell Executive MBA Program at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, better known as ‘Johnson’. You can learn more about the Cornell EMBA program by visiting:

As a member of the Employee Assembly, I currently sit on the University Benefits Committee.

There are many important issues the Employee Assembly tackles and addresses to help improve the overall quality of life within our community.

While engaged with the Employee Assembly, I have decided to devote my time to help create an endowment fund for the Cornellians Aiding and Responding to Employees (CARE) Fund. Many people have already made great strides with creating this fund and allocating its resources to help others in need, but the funding varies year to year based on the amount of annual giving.

MY GOAL is to work with the Cornell executive staff, our trustees and the entire Cornell community to set up an endowment for this important fund that benefits many of us across the entire campus in perpetuity!

Currently, the CARE Fund program is funded through the generous donations of faculty, staff and others to support faculty and staff in financial need as the result of an unplanned circumstance. Applicants who are approved for funding may receive $200- $1,500, depending on the circumstances.

If you have an interest in helping me endow the CARE Fund so we can give back to the Cornell community, then please feel free to contact me at

My best,