To all staff employees of the Cornell community:

Eric Lee

My name is Eric Lee. I have worked in the Vet School’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center for five years now among my fellow bacteriologists, and I was recently elected to the Employee Assembly (EA). I have taken on the role as chair of the EA’s communications committee, whose goal is to get the word out to staff about what the EA is doing to benefit the staff as a whole.

To accomplish that goal, we hope to bring you, in each PawPrint issue, a spotlight of two EA members, not just about who they are but what they are working on and looking to accomplish through the EA.

One of our big tasks is advertising President David Skorton’s upcoming address to staff, set for Oct. 9, 12-1 p.m., in Bailey Hall. We also will be advertising upcoming presentations at EA general meetings by speakers representing programs that affect staff, such as Benefit Services. All EA meetings are open and anyone can attend, so if you happen to hear about a speaker from a department you are interested in, please come. While the communications committee does its best to get out as much information as possible, there is nothing like hearing information firsthand.

The communications committee and I will also be bringing you updates on work that is being done to address the results of the employee survey, as they happen. Our main goal is simply to keep staff informed and to be as transparent as possible.

I would hope that through our continued efforts more people will become active in the committees that work to advance the staff in the Cornell community or maybe run for a seat on the assembly itself. The EA is an active voice on behalf of all staff and it is an honor and privilege to be a part of it.