Welcome to the start of another academic year!

I have always enjoyed the ebb and flow of life on campus and look forward to the energy and vitality that new people – students, faculty and staff – bring to the Cornell community. As we start this new year, I’d like to formally welcome the new members of the Employee Assembly (EA) and the returning members. We have an ambitious year ahead of us and I am excited to work with this year’s assembly, advocating for staff interests and improving the staff experience. Throughout the year, keep an eye out for updates from our EA members. They will be introducing themselves and current and upcoming actions from the EA.

How can you get involved with shared governance? The EA meetings are generally open to all staff members and we welcome guests to our meetings. Check out our homepage at http://assembly.cornell.edu/EA/Home and learn of our upcoming resolutions on our assemblies dashboard. The Office of the Assemblies is leading an initiative to encourage better methods of public comment on actions of shared governance. We encourage you to use this engagement tool as a way to interact with the EA.

The adage goes that is takes a village to raise a child, and at Cornell I believe every person on campus is involved in the education of our students. Shared governance is a way for staff members to engage issues that affect our entire university. Whether it’s attending a meeting or emailing an EA member with a concern that affects your local staff community, we welcome your participation in the shared governance process.

In light of President Garrett’s recent memo calling for the assessment of processes and procedures to reduce or eliminate unnecessary regulation, duplicative structures or burdensome paperwork, realize that change and progress don’t only come from the top, and many solutions necessary to help Cornell thrive and lead in a changing environment can come from the talent that lies within our ranks. Look around and see what ideas you have to improve your work place for you and your colleagues. Share these ideas and innovations with your supervisor and the EA. By working together, we continue to make Cornell an outstanding place to work.

Thank you for contributing to the staff community, and have a great year!

BJ R. Siasoco

Chair of the Employee Assembly