Join the NestWatch flock

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is asking bird watchers and nature-lovers who find a bird's nest of any species to share their observations with the free NestWatch citizen-science project.

Participants report the location of a nest, the species using it, number of eggs laid, and other important milestones as the birds incubate, raise and fledge their young. You can register for the project at

Participation in NestWatch helps birds by providing key data about such questions from places that would otherwise be inaccessible to scientists—backyards, farms, businesses, school grounds, and other nooks where birds nest.

"I just love NestWatch," says Donna Bragg, who has been participating in NestWatch for seven years. "It's great that there is a way to actually keep track of what I see and have it put to use. It's been a fun learning experience for the whole family."

Find out more about the project, sign up, and learn how to become a NestWatcher at