Lab of Ornithology News 06/09/13

Pride in Private Lands: State of the Birds 2013 Report

The State of the Birds 2013 report, released yesterday, details the vital role that the nation's privately owned lands play in conservation of birds and their habitats. Using the same data-driven, map-based approach as the 2011 report, which assessed public lands, the 2013 report compiles how much of a species' range occurs on private lands, for more than 200 species. This unprecedented level of detail is made possible by the immense database of eBird sightings.

Gorgeous Proof the National Wildlife Refuge System Was a Brilliant Idea

The National Wildlife Refuge system protects birds, animals, plants, and unforgettable scenery that stir the mind and heart. Take a look at one of the most beautiful of all, the Yukon Delta NWR, with refuge biologist Brian McCaffery as your guide. Going beyond natural beauty, the refuge also plays a crucial role in conserving global populations of shorebirds that migrate to Asia and Australia every year. Watch this inspiring video

Which Species Is This?

This Australian bird is “a preposterous beast: a five-foot-tall mop of black feathers… with a bony casque that rears off its head like a once-fashionable hat.” That's how Living Birdmagazine describes it in a feature about innovative volunteers who are “defragmenting” the rainforest to help this endangered species. Do you know what it is? Check your guess and learn more.

Bird ID Tutorials: Our Newest Way to Learn Online

Last month we introduced a self-paced series of Be a Better Birder tutorials. They’re aimed at beginning birders who want solid instruction in the basics of bird identification. These online courses back up each lesson with plenty of interactive quizzes and games to help you practice your skills. Tutorials are just $29, and you can take them as many times as you like for six months after you sign up. Learn more.