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Connect new devices to the Internet with caution

Unfortunately, when it comes to connecting to the Internet, just because something is offered for sale doesn't mean it's secure out of the box.

TechTalk 10.27.2016

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

We’re in the midst of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a time to review what we can do to stay safe online, protect our personal information and safeguard our computers against compromise.


Live online discussion on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) open to public


If you’ve installed Symantec Antivirus provided by the university on your personally owned computer, be aware that support for Symantec Antivirus will end on October 21.


Cornell IT women presented at girls’ summer technology camp

By Jesse Dix


Want to gain skills in Word 2016?  Learn navigation techniques and layout options and how to create new documents, and edit and format text.  Register now for the four-hour Word 2016 Basic class scheduled for August 15.


Tech Training Spotlight: 

TechTalk on Excel

Want to gain skills in Excel? Whether you want to learn the basics, manage data, work with charts, pivot tables, or graphs, or create dashboards, there are basic, intermediate and advanced classes available. Register now for either of the 4-hr.


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