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Blackboard upgrade coming June 2013

On June 4, 2013, Blackboard will be upgraded from version 9.1, Service Pack 9 to version 9.1, Service Pack 11. The following is an overview of the new features and updates that will be available:

Boston Marathon email fraud on the rise

The Information Technologies (IT) Security Office is seeing an increased number of email fraud attempts with reference to the tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon.

How is spam getting in your mailbox if Cornell supposedly blocks it?

When you scan your Inbox each morning, chances are you’ll spot a few messages that turn out to be spam (junk mail). Lately they aren’t even marked with the telltale PMX signature that Cornell’s anti-spam system adds to questionable messages. What’s going on?

Cloud Computing: What’s in it for students, faculty and staff?

Cloud services have many institutional benefits related to efficiency, flexibility and saving resources. But how do they benefit those of us who use these services in our daily work lives?

Java phish catches Cornell by surprise: Learn how to identify fraudulent emails through these new videos

In light of the recent fraudulent Java email that caused many Cornellians to be tricked, the IT Security Office would like remind the community that even with sophisticated spam filters in place, everyone at Cornell is continually bombarded with email phishing attempts trying to trick us into giv

Cloud computing: What are Cornell’s cloud services?

Second in a series of articles about cloud computing at Cornell.

Are you aware when you are using one of Cornell’s cloud services instead of an on-premise service?

When you know what to look for, cloud services are easy to recognize. They:

Cloud Computing: What is it?

“Cloud computing” is often talked about, but less often understood. This winter and spring, an ongoing series of Tech Talks will focus on various aspects of cloud computing at Cornell. The cloud is about:

Moving computing off your computer and off Cornell’s premises.


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