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Cloud Computing: What’s in it for students, faculty and staff?

Cloud services have many institutional benefits related to efficiency, flexibility and saving resources. But how do they benefit those of us who use these services in our daily work lives?

Java phish catches Cornell by surprise: Learn how to identify fraudulent emails through these new videos

In light of the recent fraudulent Java email that caused many Cornellians to be tricked, the IT Security Office would like remind the community that even with sophisticated spam filters in place, everyone at Cornell is continually bombarded with email phishing attempts trying to trick us into giv

Cloud computing: What are Cornell’s cloud services?

Second in a series of articles about cloud computing at Cornell.

Are you aware when you are using one of Cornell’s cloud services instead of an on-premise service?

When you know what to look for, cloud services are easy to recognize. They:

Cloud Computing: What is it?

“Cloud computing” is often talked about, but less often understood. This winter and spring, an ongoing series of Tech Talks will focus on various aspects of cloud computing at Cornell. The cloud is about:

Moving computing off your computer and off Cornell’s premises.

The move to Office 365

The move to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based Exchange email and calendar service, is going well. By January 25, more than 9,200 faculty/staff accounts – about 44 percent – will have been moved to Office 365 from Cornell’s locally provided Exchange service.

Tech Training Spotlight:

Want to learn about the new features in Windows 8 for IT Professionals?

Tech the Halls

In the spirit of the season, we hope you enjoy some of these free or low-cost online resources during the holiday break.

Holiday Phishing – Be Safe!

The holiday season is upon us and on-line merchants are anticipating a 30 percent increase in purchases. Unfortunately, our increased cyber activity elevates our exposure to phishing activities.

Integrated Web Services Update

The office of Integrated Web Services (IWS) is part of Cornell’s central IT group. IWS offers services that can help departments create a web presence that also meets Cornell standards for identity and accessibility. Today’s column explains some of the services and systems currently popular.


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