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In the spirit of the season, members of CIT would like to share some favorite free or low-cost online resources, with the hopes that you may enjoy them this winter break. - Check out Epicurious if you love to cook and eat!

Tech Training Spotlight

Calling beginner web designers! In this hands-on course you will learn to process forms, manage sessions, write reusable code and create database-driven ColdFusion based websites. Register now for the Introduction to ColdFusion - Accelerated class offered Jan. 24-25.

If you haven’t already checked out Cornell’s Blog Service, some recently added features might entice you

Hundreds of blogs hosted on the CU Blog Service, by Edublog, are already being used for communication and collaboration in teaching and research. Any faculty or staff member can request and administer a blog hosted at

Computer donations aid technology education in Tioga County schools

Technology education at Tioga Central High School will get a boost from a donation of 40 computers from Cornell. The donation, managed by the Cornell Computer Reuse Association (CCRA), also included three laser printers.

Why secure computing is your responsibility

It’s 8:30 a.m. You sit down at your computer, ready to plow through the day’s work. Today you have some can’t-miss deadlines and you know you’ll need most of the day to meet one of them. Your computer seems sluggish, so you restart it. Although it takes longer than usual, finally you’re in.

Cornell email and calendar being upgraded to Exchange

Cornell’s Exchange email and calendar system for faculty and staff is being upgraded to Exchange Server 2010. The biggest difference you’ll notice is the improved and renamed Outlook Web App (

Six ways NetID passwords are stolen

Your NetID is your online identity at Cornell. Used with your NetID password, it provides access to your personal information and is the key to using many online campus services.

Here are six ways you could compromise your NetID password:

Your NetID password: Your key to university services

At universities across the country, the theft of electronic IDs assigned to faculty, staff and students, such as Cornell’s NetIDs, is a rapidly growing problem.

Protect your privacy: Read end-user license agreements

If, while installing something on your computer that you have downloaded from the Internet, you find yourself clicking “agree, agree, agree,” to get through the installation process quicker, you aren’t alone.

eduroam: New secure Wi-Fi option

eduroam, a new secure Wi-Fi service, is now available at all RedRover locations on campus.


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