TechTalk on Symantec 10.7.16

Support ending for Symantec Antivirus

If you’re relying on Symantec antivirus downloaded from a Cornell website to protect your personally owned computer from viruses and malicious software, you’ll need to switch to a new strategy soon. On October 21, Cornell support will end for the application, also known as Symantec Endpoint Protection, or SEP.

What should you do instead? There are other defenses available to protect a computer you own, at no cost.

Windows 10 and 8 both come with Windows Defender built in, and Microsoft Security Essentials can be installed at no cost on Windows 7. See for details.

Mac owners can choose from three no-cost products: Sophos, Avira, or Avast. Visit to find out more.

Once support for Symantec antivirus ends, if you still have it installed, you may see a decreasing level of protection for your computer, reminders nagging you that the software is out of date, and eventually the application simply no longer working.

A note about Cornell-owned computers: Typically, computers owned by Cornell are updated by the technical support staff in your unit or department. If you usually maintain your Cornell-owned computer yourself, see instructions at

Also on October 21, support is ending for Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption. This is a service that encrypts data on a computer. PGP was used by a much smaller group of people, so there's a very good chance that you're not affected by this change. If you know you use PGP, consult with the technical support staff in your department or unit.

For general information about keeping your computer and Cornell NetID account safe, visit:

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