Photo Contest 2011

BEST IN SHOW Winner, “I See You” by Bruce BARBER
Unspecified: Winner, “Street Food” Kim MCALEAR
Children: Winner, “Festival Faerie” Lisa FRANK
Structures/Buildings Winner, “Post American Gothic” Steve GALLOW
Landscape/Nature: Winner, “Astrantia” Kim MCALEAR
Humorous: Winner, “OH NO!” Bruce BARBER
Animals: Winner, “A Long Day of Photography” Steve GALLOW
Special Effects: Winner, “Goodbye Son, We’ll Miss You” Barbara FRIEDMAN
Adults: Winner, “The Artist” Kim MCALEAR
Cornell: Winner, “Reflections” Bruce BARBER
Unspecified: Runner-up, “Reflections”  Barbara FRIEDMAN
Children: Runner-up, “Crazy Hair” Lori ASPERSCHLAGER
Structures/Buildings: Runner-up, “Barn in the Snow” Bruce BARBER
Landscape/Nature: Runner-up, “Morning Fog Bank”  Steve GALLOW
Humorous: Runner-up, “That Tasted Awful!” Carol ARMSTRONG
Animals: Runner-up, “Rainy Day Frog” Cindy LAMB
Special Effects: Runner-up, “Needs a Little Work”  Steve GALLOW
Adults: Runner-up, “Sunset Park”  Barbara FRIEDMAN
Cornell: Runner-up, “Plant Sciences” Steve GALLOW