‘father of community relations

John Gutenberger, 'father of community relations,' to retire

From left, Joel Malina, vice president for university relations; John Gutenberger, special adviser to Office of Community Relations; Craig Yunker ’73, chairman of the University Relations Committee of the Board of Trustees; and Ezra Cornell ’71, chairman of the Community Communications Committee of the Board of Trustees.

John “Gutie” Gutenberger, former mayor of the city of Ithaca and special adviser to Cornell’s Office of Community Relations, was recognized “for 27 years of meritorious town-gown service” by the Cornell Board of Trustees’ University Relations Committee at its March 23 meeting in Ithaca. Gutenberger will retire from the university April 14.

An Ithaca native, former owner of a Collegetown grocery store (Egan’s IGA), father of four and grandfather of 13, Gutenberger was a member of Ithaca’s Common Council in the 1970s and early ’80s, and served three terms as mayor from 1984-90.

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